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At Single Length School, we're dedicated to helping players improve their golf game on the course. Even if you don't use single length irons, we're more than happy to help you groove in your swing and improve.

We offer 3 types of lesson packages:

1) In-person

2) Remote Online Lessons via Zoom

3) On-Demand lessons


Our in-person lessons are perfect for those players that want hands on and face-to-face instruction in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Our lessons can be scheduled at one of the local driving ranges or at my home club, Murrysville Golf Club.

These lesson prices vary based on age and location. To learn more about in-person lessons and scheduling, please email me at or visit the CONNECT page.


If you're interested in in-person lessons, but aren't local to the Pittsburgh region, then you can take advantage of our remote online lessons.

These lessons are structured just as my in-person lessons, with the only difference being that we connect via Zoom through your computer or your phone. The only thing you need to be sure of is that you're in a location that allows you to fully swing your clubs.


Select either (4) 30-minute sessions (once per week for four weeks) or (4) 1-hour sessions (once per week for four weeks).


To sign up for Remote Lessons, simply click on the appropriate product below and check out. I'll contact you to schedule your lesson after you've checked out.



If you're someone that likes to work at your own pace and want to save on lesson costs, perhaps our on-demand lesson program is for you.

With our on-demand lesson program, I walk you through each of the things I work with students on in person and on remote lessons.

This is perfect for someone that wants to implement changes quickly, is only available late at night or simply can't afford in-person lessons. This package is $100 and can be purchased by clicking on the On-Demand Lessons tab or clicking HERE!

**Lessons are limited based on availability. The products below will be marked sold out once we reach our max lessons for a week. Sign up for our email list and we will let you know when we have more openings.

Until then, please get a head start and sign up for our on-demand lesson packages, which feature a 1-time payment for unlimited access.**

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