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Welcome to the home of the Simplified Single Plane swing system. Rather than read what it's all about, check out the video. But before you do, know this.

There's no monthly fees to our lessons. A one-time payment will unlock your desired lesson package for LIFE. All you have to do is remember your login (monthly fee does apply for Swing Review program, but is not required to purchase the Simplified Single Plane system).

So check it out and find out how it can help your game.

If you've already purchased, you may click on the on-demand lessons tab above to access your training videos.

Plan Pricing

  • Single Plane Swing

    The Simplified Single Plane Golf Swing
    • One-time $99.99 fee for unlimited access


The Simplified Single Plane Swing - $99.99

- Intro

- The Grip

- You and Your Hips

- The Setup

- The Iron Swing

- Woods and Driver

- Controlling Trajectory

- Draw and Fade

- Chipping and Pitching

- Putting

- Bunker play

- BONUS: Advanced Skills/Training

- UNLIMITED HELP: That's right! There's no additional fees for you to send me videos, emails or ask questions. Once you've purchased, just reach out and let me know how I can help you.

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