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Are You Ready for a Better Golf Swing?

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Have an Inconsistent Golf Swing?

What makes the Simplified Single Plane Swing perfect for golfers struggling to play consistent golf?

There's a number of reasons, but check out the video and learn what is taught in our program and why it could be the golf swing you're looking for to play better golf and lower your scores. Be sure to watch and learn about my special bonus offer that will ensure you're striking it well.

How is the SSP different?

The Simplified Single Plane Swing is developed to eliminate variables in the golf swing that can create terrible golf shots.

First, we address proper impact position. When you understand the proper impact position, it makes it easier to produce consistent golf shots with predictable results.

Predictable shots mean lower scores.

Want to add more power and distance?

The Simplified Single Plane Swing is designed to start the takeaway with your hips, not your arms.

By activating your hips, your arms can stay straighter. Combine straighter arms with using your hips and core muscles, and you've got a recipe for distance.

Who doesn't want more distance?

Need to eliminate your slice?

The Simplified Single Plane Swing helps you find the "slot" and deliver the club on an in-to-out path to the ball. This in-to-out path corrects the slice.

Slices are caused by an over-the-top movement in the downswing. With the SSP System, you develop the mechanics to reverse the slice-producing swing and can start to hit draws.


"I've dropped nearly 40 strokes off my average with the Simplified Single Plane. I used to shoot around 130 on average, but after learning the Simplified Single Plane swing, I'm now consistently shooting in the low 90s and close to breaking into the 80s. It's simply a game changer"

-Mike Z., West Virginia, USA

"10 handicapper here, and looking to go low. A lot of unnecessary parts of the golf swing are removed. It's money well spent. Feel free to ask me about my results!"

- Larry, Pennsylvania, USA

"I've only been playing for a month, but this swing is working out very well for me. I'm excited for what's to come and how quickly I'll be improving. It was a no-brainer for the cost!"

- Ahmad, Malaysia

"I've paid more than the cost of this program for a monthly subscription system, yet I'm getting much better results and have seen a significant improvement in my striking and my scores. This system is worth way more than he is charging. Don't do yourself a disservice, sign up for the Simplified Single Plane swing. Money well spent!"

- Dave, North Carolina, USA

"I've been in the system for some time now, and the results are incredible. I used to be a very good golfer, but have struggled after surgeries and health problems over the past few years. Craig's system has been very easy on my body, I'm hitting it further than I have in decades, and I'm competing with some of the best players at my club. Here's the best part, anytime I have questions, I simply email him and he responds back so quickly, and has even setup phone calls to discuss my issues. He is everything and more!"

- John, Georgia, USA


Now that you've seen the videos and heard what other students in the system are saying, what are you waiting for? If you want to start to lower your scores now, produce consistent strikes with predictable results, and have this all at an affordable price, sign up for the Simplified Single Plane system now!

And don't forget -- Sign up now and get your FREE 1-hour lesson.


Use the form below and let me know what you would like to know about our Simplified Single Plane swing. I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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